Water Tanks

Are you tired of dealing with dirty or malfunctioning water tanks? Water is essential in every home, and the condition of your water tank directly affects your supply’s cleanliness.

At Plumber Xpert, we provide top-notch services to keep your tanks in pristine condition, ensuring clean water flows through your taps. Discover pure, uninterrupted supply – keep reading!

Benefits of Professional Water Tank Service

Experience a seamless and efficient water tank service that ensures clean, quality water and prolongs the durability of your system. Trust in our expert care to mitigate any potential damages to your tanks, giving you complete peace of mind.

Improved water quality

Ensuring your water tanks are clean and functioning correctly is key to enhancing the quality of your water. Our team employs advanced techniques, such as UV-stabilised materials and cathodic protection systems, to tackle common problems like oxidation and rust that can compromise water purity.

Clean tanks result in clear, odour-free water for daily use.

Regular maintenance with corrosion-resistant options such as stainless steel or fibreglass-reinforced plastic keeps harmful contaminants away. By choosing materials known for their resistance to corrosion, including polyethene or galvanised steel, we help preserve the integrity of your stored water.

Such meticulous care guarantees that every drop from your tap is fresh and safe for all household purposes.

Longer lifespan of tanks

Professional water storage services can significantly enhance the longevity of your tanks. By utilising materials resistant to corrosion, such as galvanised steel or glass-reinforced plastics, these essential vessels withstand the destructive effects of rust and degradation.

Tanks crafted from hot-dipped galvanised metal boast exceptional durability, courtesy of a zinc coating that guards against corrosive substances. This translates into a less frequent need for replacements and greater value over time.

Maintaining tanks in prime condition averts common problems like leaks and structural frailties. Routine cleansing eliminates damaging elements that may corrode metallic surfaces or compromise joints where panels are fused together.

With protection from UV rays offered by materials like UV-stabilised polythene or HDPE, tanks retain their structural soundness even with continual exposure to sunlight. Thorough upkeep ensures thermal expansion does not impair the tank’s framework, guaranteeing effective performance for many years ahead.

Reduced risk of damage

Ensuring your water tanks are shielded from harm is paramount, and that’s precisely where expertise comes into play. Utilising cutting-edge methods, we fortify against decay by opting for hot-dipped galvanised steel or zinc-alloy compositions, which provide exceptional defence against rust.

Routine servicing is essential in averting the deterioration that could precipitate leaks or structural frailties.

Extra measures are adopted during fitting and mending to shield your tanks from injury. Opting for UV-stabilised glass fibres or fibreglass-reinforced plastic guarantees strength despite tough scenarios such as severe weather conditions or incessant contact with substantial water.

Our adept crew painstakingly inspects every bolt and joint, bolstering them to preclude potential fissures. This meticulous vigilance greatly reduces the likelihood of unforeseen damage, thereby protecting the wholeness of your tank and your financial outlay.

Proper maintenance and care

Looking after your water tanks properly stops them from corroding and developing damage, making them last much longer. It’s crucial to regularly inspect for any rust, especially on iron and galvanised steel tanks, in order to keep the tank solid and intact.

You shield your investment from the harsh elements by applying anti-corrosion treatments like hot-dipped galvanisation or choosing UV-protected materials such as fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks.

Regular cleaning schedules are essential to prevent contamination that could spoil water quality. Tanks constructed from glass-reinforced plastics or those with welded builds greatly benefit from professional upkeep to remain clean and suitable for collecting rainwater.

Opting for recyclable materials and certain types of concrete for your storage tank also advances a sustainable setup that cares about efficiency and environmental impact. Simple actions such as securing bolts tightly and examining awnings help avoid leaks and unnecessary deterioration of your water storage solutions.

Peace of mind

With expert water tank services, enjoy peace of mind knowing your tanks are in the hands of skilled professionals. Our team places your comfort at the forefront by delivering first-rate maintenance to head off rust and corrosion before they become a problem.

Rely on our proficiency with hot-dipped galvanised and UV-stabilised tanks, which not only enhance the quality of your stored rainwater but substantially lessen the likelihood of unexpected tank failures.

Have confidence in the robustness and safety of your water system with our comprehensive inspection schedule. Corrosion, often due to unchecked moisture and defective electrodes, is no match for our proactive approach to cleaning and upkeep for both FRP tanks and traditional storage solutions.

Experience tranquillity at home or in your business, secure in the knowledge that we handle every aspect from Chan Sow Lin to chromium levels on your behalf.

Our Water Tank Services

At Plumber Xpert, we provide a comprehensive suite of water tank services, tailored to keep your system in top-notch condition, ensuring you never have to worry about your household’s water supply.

Dive into the specifics of our offerings and discover the bespoke solutions we bring to your doorstep.


Installing a new water tank is essential for maintaining an uninterrupted supply of clean water in your home or business. Our skilled plumbers are adept at installing tanks, including UV-stabilised units ideal for rainwater harvesting and robust hot-dipped galvanised models designed to resist corrosion.

They work swiftly to install your storage tanks securely, connect all necessary pipework, and ensure everything operates smoothly.

Selecting the appropriate material is equally important; our experts can equip your premises with fibreglass-reinforced plastic options that provide excellent durability without the risk of rusting.

The installation process encompasses thorough testing and verification to ensure peak performance from the outset. Every detail is attended to meticulously, leaving you with a dependable system that effectively meets your water storage requirements.


Ensuring your water tank is immaculate is vital for preserving the quality of your water. Our skilled professionals address even the most stubborn dirt, employing advanced methods to eliminate sediment, bacteria and any impurities that could affect your health or the tank’s performance.

We concentrate on averting rust by cleaning every corner thoroughly, thus guaranteeing a pristine interior surface which aids in preventing deterioration over time.

We utilise only UV-stabilised apparatus and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to deal with hot-dipped galvanised tanks and those constructed from fibreglass-reinforced plastic.

This meticulous process not only improves the longevity of your tanks but also ensures they remain free from contaminants without harming their sensitive surfaces. Depend on us to ensure your water storage systems are hygienically sound so you can relish clear, pure water each time you open the tap.

Repair and maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair are essential for keeping your water tanks in excellent condition. Our team deals with everything from leakages to combating corrosion issues, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of all tank components.

They employ cutting-edge methods, suitable for hot-dipped galvanised steel tanks or those made from UV-stabilised materials.

Minor issues with your fibreglass-reinforced plastic tanks shouldn’t be ignored, as they can quickly become serious problems. Rely on our professional plumbers to promptly identify faults and suggest the most effective repair solutions.

Their meticulous work helps prolong the life of your water system while protecting its quality and longevity.


Over time, water tanks can suffer from wear and tear, leading to leaks or corrosion. If your tank is beyond repair, a replacement service offers the solution you need. Top-of-the-line new tanks are provided, which are hot dipped galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance.

This ensures they can withstand various weather conditions without rusting or deteriorating quickly.

Choosing the right material for your new tank is vital. Options such as UV-stabilised polyethene and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, known for their durability and longevity, are available.

A professional team will fit your new tank promptly, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your existing plumbing system. Rely on expert advice to select a water tank that meets both your needs and budget, assuring a smooth transition from old to new.


Enhance your water tank’s efficiency with our latest improvements. We’ll introduce superior materials such as hot-dipped galvanised steel and UV-resistant components to ensure your tank lasts for years.

For those who prefer environmentally friendly choices, our selection includes fibreglass-reinforced plastic tanks that merge robustness with eco-consciousness.

Revolutionise your water storage system into a cutting-edge setup. Our experts will evaluate your existing arrangement and recommend effective upgrades that boost performance and dependability.

Whether it involves upsizing for greater capacity or adding sophisticated features for improved quality management, count on us to drastically improve the operation of your water tanks.

Why Choose Our Services?

Dive into the world of hassle-free plumbing with Plumber Xpert, where expert care meets excellence. Trust us to handle your water tank needs with a touch of brilliance that sets us apart.

Experienced and skilled team

Our team brings vast expertise to each water tank undertaking, be it replacement, cleansing, repair, or regular upkeep. Having honed their skills over many years, our plumbers are adept at addressing even the most formidable challenges presented by hot-dipped galvanised tanks or UV-stabilised systems.

They possess the know-how to enhance your water quality and employ methods that extend your tank’s lifespan.

Proficient in handling diverse materials like fibreglass-reinforced plastic, our experts provide services that protect against potential harm. Their proficiency leads to quick detection and rectification of problems, guaranteeing not just satisfaction but an experience that surpasses expectations with your water tank service.

Precision guides every action as we adhere to the principle of doing things correctly from the outset – no compromise on quality is allowed.

Quality workmanship

Crafting durable and strong water tanks requires expertise, which is exactly what you receive with our services. Through every installation and repair, we utilise top-quality materials such as hot-dipped galvanised metal and UV-stabilised components to guarantee your tank endures over time.

We are meticulous in our approach to each task, whether it involves replacing ageing tanks or maintaining existing systems.

We take great satisfaction in producing outcomes that stand on their own merits. Installing a new fibreglass reinforced plastic tank means you can expect no leaks, fractures or wear for years ahead.

Skilled professionals work swiftly but with precision to clean and service your water tanks without compromising quality. A foundation of consistent excellence builds trust, ensuring peace of mind regarding the functionality and safety of your plumbing assets.

Quick and efficient service

When you request our services, our team leaps into action, recognising that your time is invaluable. We take great pride in promptly performing water tank replacements and cleanings, employing materials like hot-dipped galvanised or UV-stabilised options to guarantee durability and quality.

Our plumbers’ expertise means they approach each task with the ability to resolve any problem quickly and accurately.

Customers appreciate their experience with us because we minimise disruptions to their everyday lives. Opting for superior-quality fibreglass reinforced plastic tanks where suitable, we further heighten the efficiency of our offerings.

Confidence stems from the knowledge that not a moment or a single drop of water is squandered while we efficiently restore your system to prime condition.

Competitive Pricing

Replacing or cleaning your water tanks shouldn’t be expensive. We provide competitive pricing that aligns with our superior service, guaranteeing you receive excellent value for your money.

Our prices are straightforward and clear, so there are no unexpected costs when the invoice is due.

Opting for our services means choosing affordability without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s hot-dipped galvanised tanks or those constructed from UV-stabilised materials like fibreglass reinforced plastic; we offer reasonable rates to handle them all.

You can rely on us to carry out exceptional work at prices that consider your budget.

Friendly and reliable staff

Our team takes pride in being approachable and always on hand to respond to your enquiries about water tank replacement and cleaning. They strive to go above and beyond, ensuring you’re at ease with the process by sharing their expertise on hot-dipped galvanised and UV-stabilised tanks with insights that count.

You can expect a friendly smile and professional guidance whenever you engage with our staff.

You can rely on us for services carried out proficiently, with a personal touch. Our amiable experts bring years of experience in handling fibre-glass reinforced plastic tanks, ensuring each job is completed meticulously.

Trust them to treat your property as if it were their own, guaranteeing that every installation or maintenance task upholds superior standards of quality craftsmanship.

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1. What are the different types of materials used for water tanks?

Water tanks can be made from hot-dipped galvanised metal, UV-stabilised polyethene, or fibreglass reinforced plastic to suit various needs and durability requirements.

2. Why is it important to clean water tanks?

Regular cleaning of water tanks prevents algae growth and contamination, ensuring that the stored water remains safe and clean for use.

3. How often should I replace my water tank?

The need to replace a water tank depends on its condition but typically, a well-maintained tank can last many years before requiring replacement.

4. Can sunlight affect my plastic water tank?

Yes, sunlight can affect plastic tanks, but UV-stabilised tanks are designed to withstand sun exposure without degrading, making them a reliable choice for outdoor use.